Our kittens are raised under foot and as part of our family. Their parents are also part of our family. So, often the male takes part in the raising of the kittens past the 4 week stage. This method helps the kittens learn how to play and socialize with cats as well as humans.

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DAM: Amber
SIRE: Wubzy

Born Jun 20th, 2018
Adopted Aug 15th, 2018
1 boy and 2 girls

Litter mates

Augustus - $2000


F4 SBT Male

Lots of spots with golden background color.

Savannah kitten 1 Head Savannah kitten 1 Back Savannah kitten 1 Side

Jules - $1700


F4 SBT Female

Lots of dark spots with golden background.

Savannah kitten 2 Head Savannah kitten 2 Back Savannah kitten 2 Side

June - $1500


F4 SBT Female

Dark spots with grey background.

Savannah kitten 3 Head Savannah kitten 3 Back Savannah kitten 3 Side